While we are doing our homework looking and making plans to all the RV shows around the country (finally I’m going on mini-vacations…lol), an interesting subject came up. Although we are financially prepared for retirement, we could use a residual income.

This subject came up cause Sally got laid off recently showing that anything can happen at any given time. To us, this came at a peculiar time. We both were not prepared for this, but after a few thoughts, we looked on the bright side of this. She does not have to deal with the “Summer From Hell” as the media labeled it, dealing with the trains in and out of NY City, so she is thankful for that. And I said, let’s retire now, well actually next year. She is thinking about it… woo woo!!!!

We started seeing our financial advisers and calculating our monthly income. After all said and done going through all the portfolios, everything looks ok. BUT the biggest question popped right up, “What If”….. Now we all know things happen and have to deal with it as they come up. But all in all, that question remains….

So now I’m working on a parallel journey into the online market-place. Now we all have seen the hypes.. you know, make $$$ millions on line.. Yes most are scams. So we have more homework to do and sort out. We booked free seminars that are around town to see what they offer. Then checking out the details, forums, etc…

I’m looking into what they call, ‘Affiliate’ type programs. If you look at it this way, being an affiliate is like being a salesman/middleman and you “promote” multiple products. You don’t deal with anything but promote someone(s) stuff. And when someone buys a product, you get paid a commission. Seems easy enough….. WRONG…!!!

If you are or were in Marketing, then this may seem easy, but if you have never done anything like this, it gets confusing. So now I’m learning. The concept is easy to understand, but once you start planning out and making flow-charts, and learning different programs to do certain things, and integrating it all into one… it is totally “over-whelming.”

In the next few weeks, I’ll write a follow-up to this and how it is working out for us. Till then have a wonderful & peaceful day!